Business Customer Support

The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important aspects of running a small business. It can be the difference between a satisfied customer who keeps coming back and an unhappy customer who takes their business elsewhere. Good customer support starts with providing excellent service throughout the customer’s journey, from the first point of contact to […]

chatbots or humans

Do People Prefer Chatbots or Humans? It Depends.

Chatbots are seemingly taking over the internet and mobile applications. First-time visitors to a site or app now are often greeted by a cheery chatbot seeking to answer questions or guide them through an onboarding process. When site or app users have problems, retailers, banks, and other businesses are asking users if they want to […]

digital payment growth

Growth in Digital Payments Spur Credit Card Services

The entire digital payments landscape has faced significant structural changes over the last few years and keeps growing as a valuable payment option for shoppers worldwide. Now, with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus causing operational adjustments everywhere, more companies are adopting global payment solutions to fuel growth and remain profitable.  As companies continue to digitize their operations, […]

customer service strategy

4 Actionable Tips to Improve your Customer Service Strategy

Customer service is vital for any business to retain its customers and gain more value from them. Through top-notch customer service, businesses can reduce the acquisition cost of a new customer and cultivate a loyal user-base. Your user-base will act as brand ambassadors, and double as case studies and provide testimonials and reviews. Here are […]

help desk software

Top 10 Best Help Desk Software for 2020

Customer service has become the game-changer in companies, and most businesses are investing a lot in it. Keeping up with technology, businesses have started leaning into AI-powered customer service tools. Here is the top ten best help desk software for 2020. Why is everything about the customer now? Whether you are a startup or a […]

ai and customer experience

3 Ways Tech Startups are Using AI to Revolutionize Customer Experience

 Artificial intelligence is the latest trend in technology, and its application cutting across all fields. It’s all about technology mimicking biological intelligence. Here are three ways tech startups are using AI to revolutionize customer experience. Customer experience is becoming the hallmark of business growth. Tesla’s self-driven cars, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, albeit popular are […]

tech has changed the nature of business

Ways Enhanced Technology has Changed the Nature of Business

Businesses are always growing and changing because of technology. This is happening in many important ways that you should know about so that your business can keep up, remaining both competitive and innovative regardless of your company’s size. Improved Access to Information and Data With Microsoft Office, it’s easy to create and edit any documents […]