Priyanka Desai

CEO and founder

Priyanka Desai is the founder of iScribblers, a content marketing agency for SaaS, technology and digital marketing companies.

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4 Actionable Tips to Improve your Customer Service Strategy

Customer service is vital for any business to retain its customers and gain more value from them. Through top-notch customer service, businesses can reduce the acquisition cost of a new customer and cultivate a loyal user-base. Your user-base will act as brand ambassadors, and double as case studies and provide testimonials and reviews. Here are […]

Personalizing Your Customer Service with 6 Strategies

Customers want brands to respond to their queries, fast and in a personalized way, with the expected response time to be minutes and seconds. Gone are the days when companies could afford to reply in 24-48 hours. Here is personalizing your customer service with six strategies. Your customers don’t always want a “wow” experience. Even […]