Jasika Adams

Jasika Adams is a writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of human resources, startups and business management. She is a talent acquisition manager currently associated with Index Time Clock. In her free time, she loves to play with her kids and read mystery books.

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ai in photography tech

How AI Innovation is Sharpening Photography Techniques

Photography is more important today than at any other time in recent history. It is used across every space where someone wants to sell you something like services, products, news, and even educational information and programs. The list is never-ending, and photography’s demand has led to several photo management innovations- both for the front end […]

Top 10 Best Help Desk Software for 2020

Customer service has become the game-changer in companies, and most businesses are investing a lot in it. Keeping up with technology, businesses have started leaning into AI-powered customer service tools. Here is the top ten best help desk software for 2020. Why is everything about the customer now? Whether you are a startup or a […]

How To Enhance Employee Productivity

For any company or business, one of the most important assets is its employees. There are crucial elements if you want to increase productivity in the workplace. Judge what improvements are needed to enhance employee productivity by keeping your employees happy, and motivated and all capacity increases. As a business owner, you want to increase […]

6 Tips to Automate Your Marketing

8 Tips to Automate Your Marketing

Marketing is really what drives your business forward. But, most marketing activities are tough, tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. Yes, it can be dreadful thinking about all that you must undertake to complete your marketing tasks. But, you must invest in it somehow to keep moving forward. The best way to handle your sales and ads […]