Phil Pearson, Marc Canter and others have been burning the midnight candle getting Structured Blogging up and running. It’s live now and Phil has a round-up of all the action. Structured blogging basically means publishing different kinds of information – like events, reviews and classified ads – in a ‘structured’ format, so that aggregators can pick up the data from all over the Web.

Thomas van der Wal thinks “it may be one of the brightest ideas of 2005” and Jeff Clavier has a good analysis: “This is a positive development for the industry, eventually pushing blogging into richer types of applications – and enabling new types of aggregation.”

Structured blogging has been talked about for a wee while now and, as is usual in the RSS world, has had competing ideas and formats to deal with. But this latest development marks a milestone, because there are now Structured Blogging plugins available for the two main ‘early adopter’ blog platforms – MT and WordPress. That’s what Phil and a whole host of others (named in his post) have been working so hard on to release today.

With any luck, Structured Blogging will quickly gain some momentum due to the plugins – and before you know it will go mainstream. I’m expecting big things from this in 2006.

disclaimer: I do freelance work for BBM, where Marc and Phil work. But even so, Structured Blogging rocks!