Samsung’s Galaxy Home speaker has still not hit retail stores quite yet. But from what we’ve heard, it seems like a premium compared to the other smart speakers in the market (Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant).

The pricing for the device hasn’t been announced of yet but we’re hoping to get that information soon. Many people have tried to estimate the price range: from about $249-$300. Due to its AKG audio, the ability to direct sound towards the users’ position, the eight microphones and its refined design, it may be a competitor with the Apple HomePod – which retails for $349.

Although the speaker sounds very nice to have in a home, the high price may be its ultimate downfall. In the market, the Amazon and Google smart speakers retail for way less than the estimated price for the Galaxy Home. Which would make it harder for Samsung to sell their speakers. A Bixby powered speaker for a cheaper price is what they may need… And that’s what they’re working on now.

Samsung’s Mini Galaxy Home?

So far we haven’t got much information on this new speaker apart from the fact that the model number is ‘SM-V310’ (the Galaxy Home’s is SM-510.) Which could prove that the company is planning to make a series of these speakers. The speaker will come in black like the Galaxy Home. We still don’t know how much the speakers price will be reduced by and how the speaker will be different from the Galaxy Home. It may have less microphones but all it’s just guesses. There also may be Bixby 2.0 powering it. We shall see in the future.

With CES 2019 just around the corner (8 Jan 2019 – 11 Jan 2019) it may make a debut alongside the Galaxy Home. It could be possible as the US (where CES is held) is one of Samsung’s most important markets at this moment in time.

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