Samsung’s first ever developer conference in the United States is open for registration.

After a vague announcement announcement that it would be holding a developer conference in July, Samsung today announced registration for the conference and details as to what developers can expect in San Francisco at the end of October. Sessions will include how to integrate Samsung-specific software developer kits (for the likes of its S Pen stylus and other features), how to integrate Samsung Services Platform application programming interfaces (APIs) for products like ChatOn, AdHub and Group Play. Other sessions will include how to build business-to-business applications centering around Samsung devices and sessions in app categories like games.

The price for the Samsung Developers Conference will be $299, well below the prices that companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft charge for their annual developer forays. The conference will be held at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco from October 27-29.

Samsung said that keynote presentations will, “feature over 40 technical sessions and industry sessions from leading influencers in the mobile, consumer electronics and digital content industries.” As yet, none of those leading influencers have been announced and the schedule on the conference’s website still says “to be announced” on all of the keynote and presentation sessions. 

Watchers of the mobile industry will be keeping close tabs on Samsung during its developers conference. A rumored rift between Samsung and Google has given thought to the notion that Samsung could take over control of Google’s Android mobile operating system by creating its own app store, features and functionality for its Galaxy line of smart devices. Samsung wants developers to integrate its own proprietary features in their apps (like apps that work specifically for the S Pen or use touch-less gestures such as Air View). Samsung’s tone and presentations will give clues on to how the Korean gadget manufacturer will push its own agenda in the next several years. 

Developers: are you planning on attending Samsung DevCon? Why? Let us know in the comments.