Samsung understands the value that a robust cross-platform Tizen Ecosystem can hold for it, for now and for the future. At the launch of Samsung Z1 in India, Samsung had invited partner content and local services companies to a ‘Tizen Partner Day’ event in Bangalore, this was also the official launch of the Tizen Store App store, where users can download applications Tizen.

“We encourage Tizen with low prices for new consumers in India are still not familiar with the experience of using a smartphone,” said an official from Samsung Electronics said. “If more consumers feel more familiar with Tizen, we expect ‘Tizen ecosystem’ will be able to develop quickly.”

According to some industry sources in Korea, Samsung plans to spend approx $100 million USD per year (about 1.3 trillion dollars) to provide support for the Tizen software developers in India, in order to encourage Tizen software development. This is ontop of the 100% developer revenue share for one year.