In a world dominated by Android (Google) and iOS (Apple), all new contenders need a strategy, allies and certainly a few tricks up their sleeve. Samsung have noted that another notable OS, FireFoxOS should be seen as a friend like a companion or friend through a complementary working relationship.
Is not my enemys enemy my friend? Its not easy going up against established players, but not going it alone also has its benefits.

This was said by Dr. Lee Won-suk, Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics and chairman of the W3C HTML5 Korea, as a keynote speaker at the conference to welcome the launch of the “HTML5 Fusion Technology Forum” next year held by the Ministry of science, ICT and Planning the Future of Korea (Ministry of science, ICT and Future Planning) today at COEX Convention Center, Seoul, South Korea. Dr.. Lee Won-suk gave a speech about how the process they develop Tizen platform and emphasizes that Tizen must work together and help each other create a relationship with Firefox OS community.

Dr. Lee Won-suk, encouraged both Tizen and Firefox OS to use the same HTML5 based applications for development. This is one way they can both grow in the same ecosystem. Once HTML5-based applications are developed, they can be used both in Firefox and the Tizen Operating System.

Tizen is based on Linux and uses WebKit and other open source technologies, supporting the development of native applications but the method can also support applications developed with HTML5 technology, not only will be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, but also cars and household appliances. While Firefox OS is more targeted at the lower-priced entry-level feature phone as a replacement.

Samsung and Mozilla are also currently collaborating in the development of Servo, an open source browser rendering engine which is a new effort to rebuild a web browser from the ground up on modern hardware, which exploit maximum hardware performance to enable new and richer experience on the web. Servo will be the future replacement for WebKit.