Just last year, Microsoft snagged a $240 million stake in Facebook in a bidding war against Google. However nothing but speculation has resulted since that stake was won. This week we saw the first steps of integration of Microsoft Live Search on Facebook. Microsoft is promising to improve the user experience on Facebook with the addition of Live Search functionality and advertisements.

We’d like your help in predicting what the percentage of Microsoft’s share of searches will be by December of 2008 following the integration of Live Search on Facebook. Will it increase or decrease and by how much? Click here to cast your prediction.

Fast Facts

  • The arrangement was first announced in July and offers a revenue opportunity for both companies
  • Microsoft owns a stake in Facebook and has an exclusive agreement with the site for banner ads
  • Results vary on Facebook and Live.com because Facebook uses certain filters for their search results

Predicting Pandora’s New Royalty Rate

In the past few weeks, Pandora was at the forefront of many headlines. The CEO of Pandora fought hard to win a small victory that would grant Internet radio stations more time to reach a new royalty rate agreement with the powers that be. The cut-off time is February 15, 2009, which is right around the corner. We’d like you to predict whether a new royalty rate agreement will be reached in time and what the new royalty rate will be.

Fast Facts

  • Senate approved a bill that says Congress must honor any royalty rate agreement reached
  • Webcasters and copyright holders have until February 15th to come up with a deal on their own
  • Current royalty rates would cost Pandora $18 million of its estimated $25 million in revenue in 2008