If you’ve taken the plunge and jailbroken your iPhone, you have access to more apps than the average iPhone owner. Popular apps such as Cydia and Installer provide access to numerous other apps that Apple refuses to provide to App Store customers. The only downside is that these apps are exclusively available for jailbroken iPhones, which can be a tedious and confusing process for some and also voids your warranty. Nevertheless, we have one more app recommendation that might be worth jailbreaking your iPhone to get. It’s called Veency.

A VNC Server for Your iPhone

Developed by Jay Freeman, the creator of the Cydia and Cycorder apps, Veency is a free app that allows iPhone owners to remotely control their iPhone from the comfort of your PC or Mac desktop via a VNC client. Some of the neat things you can do with Veency are:

  • Launch applications on your iPhone
  • Reply to emails, text messages, and more
  • Rearrange icons
  • Lock/Unlock your iPhone
  • Browse through Photos and Contacts

Unsurprisingly, you cannot do two finger gestures with this app. All other actions can be done with the click of your mouse. The only area in which Veency fails tragically at is when opening any video recording application on the iPhone. We could not view any videos or video recordings on-screen and opening any video application resulted in significantly lower performance from Veency.

Charge Your iPhone From Anywhere

Now iPhone users can charge their iPhone in one room and still answer messages or play with their apps without needing their iPhone to be around. Veency allows you to see any incoming calls, but you obviously shouldn’t try to answer them from your computer. Be sure to restart your iPhone after installing Veency and connect to the server using a Wi-Fi connection. We recommend using UltraVNC or TightVNC to connect your Windows desktop. If you’re using a Mac, we recommend Chicken VNC. For a great demo of Veency check out this video.