This *isn’t* an April Fool’s joke 😉 I’ve joined up with John Battelle‘s Federated Media Publishing network, which is a great collection of blogs and sites – such as Boing Boing, TechCrunch, digg and others. I’m really honoured to have been chosen, because of the criteria for being invited:

“FM looks for passion, integrity, authority, and strong community support in all the sites we invite into our network. An FM site has influence not because its author is well known, but because the author has earned the trust of an influential community.”

A passion for my topic has always been what keeps me going with Read/WriteWeb, even in very busy work times like right now.

Of course niche advertising is one of FM Publishing’s attractions – and I’ll admit I’m keen to earn a bit more than pocket money on my blog. Which is basically what I get from it now… not that I mind, being passionate about my writing and all… 🙂

So to that end, FM Publishing asks all its bloggers to post a survey to help match advertisers to my site. It will also tell me more about who my readers are, which I’d personally love to know. OK I know most people don’t like to fill out surveys (me included), but if you have a couple of minutes I’d much appreciate if you completed the survey. No pressure though 🙂

Please fill out the Read/WriteWeb Survey