paidContent is reporting that Technorati has raised $7.5 million of planned $10 million fourth round of funding. That would bring the total amount raised by the blog search engine to about $30 million. Google Blog Search has greatly eaten into Technorati’s share of the blog search market, and the company changed CEOs last August. We documented the company’s struggles last year, but now we’d like to ask you if Technorati is still relevant. What blog search engine do you use?

For my part, I use a mixture of Google Blog Search and Technorati. In my opinion, Technorati tends to be better at finding recent blog posts, and the organization of results makes it easier to find things most recently written. Plus, their blog weighting helps when you want to find posts specifically written by known voices in the online community. Google, on the other hand, offers the convenience of being able to almost seamlessly switch between blog, web, and news search — something that can be very helpful when researching a post.

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