The iPhone is one of the few phones that can offer its owners a lot of flexibility and features. With the App Store, iPhone owners have numerous applications at their disposal to get just about any job done. However, developers that can’t get their apps into the App Store usually release their apps to those that have jailbroken their iPhones through repositories available via Cydia and Installer. Thanks to Cydia, another breed of iPhone apps are about to hit the scene. One in particular could change the way some consumers use their iPhones today.

MewSeek Now Available Via Cydia

Formerly known as iSlsk, MewSeek is a native P2P Soulseek client for the iPhone. If you wish you could download free songs legally to your iPhone, then this is just the app you need. MewSeek works over EDGE, Wi-Fi, and a 3G connection. Since being released in the past few hours, this app has already seen over 3000 downloads. According to the developer’s site,

“MewSeek is only was released only for experimental and testing purposes. I admit it is not quite stable yet and I also had to disable a few features temporarily until I find better ways to implement them (e.g. the “Downloads” screen, the ability to prevent Wi-Fi from disconnecting when locking the device, and a few others). However, the core and basic features are working as seen in iSlsk.”

Basically, it’s still a little buggy. To get started you’ll need to set up a username and password first. Once that’s done, click the connect button and you’ll be good to go. MewSeek found just about every song we could think to search for, legal and otherwise. We advise you to use it at your own risk and MewSeek clearly states not to use the app to download songs that you do not have legal rights to.

Could MewSeek Be Worth The Effort?

To listen to anything that you download you’ll have to also download PwnPlayer from Cydia. PwnPlayer is a unique alternative to the native iPod player on the iPhone and worth checking out even if you won’t use MewSeek. Just remember that these apps are for jailbroken iPhones only.