We’ve heard tell that Facebook imposes a limit of 5000 friends. Really, just a measly 5000. They also keep doing pesky things like improving privacy controls. Well, we’re sick of it! What if we want more friends and less privacy? If you’re like us, you’ll love nclüdr, a new social network that proudly proclaims to be the “most awesomest ultimate social network ever.” That’s a sentiment we’re forced to agree with.

With nclüdr, everyone is your friend — my profile is already linked to 12.3 billion people — and they can all see everything you do. What sets nclüdr apart from other social networks is that everything and everyone is automatically your friend, which makes the site about as social as you can get.

nclüdr uses “advanced synchronization algorithms” to create and maintain your profile for you. That means that not only is nclüdr the most social social network, it is also the easiest to use — it does pretty much all the work for you.

Because nclüdr one ups Facebook and MySpace at every turn, it also has one of the slickest application libraries we’ve seen. According to the site’s developer page, there are already millions of app developers working on the site every day. Some of our favorite apps include: “Which Tom Selleck Moustache Are You?,” “My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad,” and “Be A Call Center Worker” — we’re already engaged in an epic battle of “Support” vs. “Sales” with a billion of our closest friends.

Clearly, nclüdr is a parody site and not a real social network, but we thought it was the funniest web 2.0 joke we’ve seen since First Life. This review? Also a joke.