As TechCrunch reported, two more resources have been added to our nascent Web 2.0 Workgroup. Mike wrote: is a very popular podcast site hosted by John Furrier that is redefining corporate press practices. Recently, for instance, Yahoo gave Podtech an exclusive pre-announcement right to discuss their podcasting service last weekend.

SolutionWatch, written by Brian Benzinger, focuses on new companies and products that are defining the web 2.0 landscape. Much like TechCrunch, Brian is helping to put perspective on how these products fit into the overall web ecosystem.”

Yesterday Podtech did a podcast discussion with the 3 founding members of the Workgroup, which you can listen to here. John has a fantastic studio set-up in Palo Alto, which made me feel like I was on mainstream radio when we did the recording. You’ll recognize my voice from the kiwi twang 🙂

As Mike said, we’ll add more resources over time. We also have a bit of work to do on the webpage UI.