As the new season content arrives for Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, which was criticized for its rushed storyline initially many players were more than a little put off by an error message saying, “Your data is corrupt or didn’t download properly. You must reset your rank and unlocks to continue.”

Panic began to rise as the only options given were to select Yes and erase the last few weeks of hard work, or No and to go and load EAFC and play that instead.

The official Call of Duty Updates X account was quickly on the scene to reassure Operatos that the message was in fact an error, although also highlighting that they should expect problems with any saved loadouts – suggesting that, while the message may be a little over the top, there are issues here.

The message reads, “Players logging into Season 1 may see an incorrect error message stating their data is corrupt. Rest assured that your rank, unlocks, and purchases are not lost, although Loadouts, customization, and certain settings may be reset.

MW3 Data is Corrupt bug – how to fix it

While your data and rankings are seemingly not reset, even if you take the Yes option, you are unfortunately likely going to have to mess around re-configuring your Loadouts, which for any semi-serious player is going to be a bit of a pain. There has been no mention of any emergency patching at this stage although, with a few other reports of things disappearing from inventories as well, it seems that certain issues abound at the server level.

So, the choice is yours, you can either ride it out and not play until we start seeing problem-resolved messages, or take a gamble and jump back in. 

If the problem turns out to be big enough we can probably expect a free grenade skin or something for our trouble.

Paul McNally

Gaming Editor

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