When you don’t have the cash to hand over to Starbucks for Wi-Fi, there are hundreds of other coffee stores that will offer the same for free. For example, Panera Bread cafes include free Wi-Fi and are increasingly becoming my spot for free Wi-Fi access. Unfortunately, there are times when we won’t order a thing from places that provide free Wi-Fi or maybe we’ll grab the cheapest thing on the menu. There’s one coffe shop out there that’s looking to guilt trip Wi-Fi freeloaders into buying something on the menu using Wi-Fi networks.

Marketing Via a Wi-Fi Network

Holland-based CoffeeCompany is starting to market their menu items via their Wi-Fi networks. If you head to any of their coffee shops don’t be surprised to see networks with names such as ‘OrderAnotherCoffeeAlready’ or ‘TodaysSpecialExpresso1.60Euro’. With the help of THEY, CoffeeCompany is promoting their specials of the day and more, while humorously guilt tripping patrons accessing their Wi-Fi networks to grab another cup of coffee. Did anyone suggest this to Starbucks yet?

Will it Increase Business?

There haven’t been any reports of an increase in business, but we think the idea is great! Would it tempt us to buy another cup of joe? Once we could control our laughter at the creative network names we’d be more than happy to. While it won’t stop most from free-loading, we think CoffeeCompany might be on to something with this marketing technique. What creative network names would you use to market your products or services via a Wi-Fi network?

Image courtesy of Adrants