Glasgow based Keypoint Technologies, creators of user interaction systems, has joined the Tizen Association Partner Program. This will benefit the community from Keypoints skills and knowledge to get the best possible user experience.
The Tizen Association is an industry consortium that supports the development of Tizen. Tizen is an open-source software platform and operating system for a wide range of devices. As a Tizen Association Partner, KeyPoint will join relevant  Working Groups and participate in Tizen Association meetings, giving them a better insight and potential input into the development of the Tizen OS.

Keypoint Technologies

KeyPoint Technologies is a world leader in user interface technology. It’s all about combining linguistics and computing technology to deliver new experiences to consumers.
The initial focus lies on improving the text input experience across all types of connected devices like smart phones, feature phones, tablets,  TVs and IVI systems. KT has become a trusted partner for OEMs, platform providers and developers looking to innovate and deliver results to their users in this area.
The company is privately owned and it’s main location is in Glasgow, Scotland. They have offices in India, Japan and the US. They are serving partners in key markets such as North America, Europe, Korea and Taiwan with a passionate team of 170 employees.
Their Adaptxt® text input solutions have brought many text input features that are now widely in use. They are original contributors to the OpenAdaptxtTM open source community project. A community focused on developing a global, open, next-generation text input platform and standard.