Flock has been getting a lot of flack from certain quarters. Mostly they’re being (unfairly) tagged as a kind of symbol of the so-called Web 2.0 bubble. I’ve been dismayed by some of the venom that’s been directed at Flock – some of it has been downright spiteful. I’m a bit saddened to see it’s apparently prompted an outright ban of the phrase ‘Web 2.0’ in Flock’s office. FactoryJoe wrote recently:

“WeÔø?re viewed as a Web 2.0 poster child (and subsequently pegged for representing many of the things broken about it). Following OÔø?ReillyÔø?s Web2.0 Conference it seemed that the phrase became a dirty word Ôø? as a catch-phrase, once it caught on with a wider audience it seemed to lose all relevance or meaning whatsoever.. Not like it makes much difference, but weÔø?ve had a ban on the phrase in our office stemming from around the same time.”

Nice monitor! Photo by foolswisdom

I’m quite happy for Flock to go back to their Open Source roots and shun the Web 2.0 hype machine. No use going the Kurt Cobain route and letting the meatheads and metalheads get you down. But don’t hide behind your Mac monitors too much, guys – the Web 2.0 community still loves you! 🙂

UPDATE:Ben Barren tried to shield my eyes from this horrid picture, bless him, but I couldn’t resist peeking…