The second release of Apple’s iOS 7 has landed for mobile developers in Apple’s iOS developer center. As promised, the beta now offers support for the iPad, which the first release of the operating system didn’t. 

iOS 7 beta 2 supports all versions (cellular and Wi-Fi) of the iPad except for the original version. The release includes the discontinued third generation iPad and the iPad Mini. All versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch that were supported in the original iOS 7 release are also available in beta 2.

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The release brings a variety of fixes for many known bugs in the first iOS 7 beta, including in apps such as AirDrop, Calendar, Game Kit, Safari and more. Some of the most significant changes in the iOS 7 beta 2 are in iCloud, where Apple provides workaround notes for a variety of known issues. 

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Siri has new male and female voices in iOS 7 beta 2 (though the personal assistant still isn’t available for the iPhone 4). The Voice Memos app is also available in beta 2. In addition to iOS 7 beta 2, Apple has also released an updated version of Xcode 5 (Preview 2) and a new beta of the Apple TV software.