We’re excited to announce the availability of ReadWriteWeb’s Q2 2009 VC Funding Report, our second premium report powered by data from ChubbyBrain. We have been tracking early-stage investment in Internet, mobile and SaaS since the financial crisis in September 2008 and we believe that this report is unlike anything else you’ve seen. Investors, bankers and advisers involved in the funding of digital innovation will get the facts on the deal-by-deal basis that they need to make decisions.

Our Report gives you the facts on 240 deals closed in April, May and June – who invested, in what company, how much they invested and when. Read on to see what’s included in the guide and how to purchase it.

How to Purchase the Report

The Guide is available for purchase at a price of $299 from this page. (You won’t be charged until you complete a few simple steps on that page.) We believe that’s an unusually low price for an incredible amount of business value. Compared to other reports, or internal time spent tracking the market, you get a whole lot for your money here.

What The Report Includes

The research team at ChubbyBrain extracted the raw deal-by-deal data (240 deals in this quarter) from a wide variety of sources (e.g. regulatory filings, press releases, etc.) and through direct conversations with investors and startups. ReadWriteWeb then analyzed the data based on our understanding of early-stage Web technology innovation, so you can see the trends.

We start out with the basics. You get to see this detail on all 240 deals – the company, the investors, the date, the amount. Our Deal Tombstones have it all. Then we dive deep into four key areas: What Market Spaces Are Hot Or Not, Which States Are Getting The Most $$ and Deals, Which Investors Are Most Active, How Is Money Flowing Through The ABC Rounds.

Whether you’re a Partner at a VC Fund, an active angel investor, an investment banker or an adviser to entrepreneurs – there’s a lot here for you.

You can download a free sample section of the report here. Again, all of the above is available for the low price of $299. Just visit this page to purchase the written report.

Thanks for your interest and good luck with your venture investing!