The Tizen Store is consistently growing in an effort to meet your every needs and now, we have some really intense games in the store. I called these games “blood and combat”  because of the level of shooting and killing that these games involve. Your adrenaline will definitely experience a spike with these games. Today, we have “mountain sniper jungle” and “assault fury” for you. Please note that these games have quite a mature theme and may not be suitable for very young kids.

Assault Fury – Mission Combat


Assault Fury – Mission Combat, is the latest shooting game from Integer Games. This game gives you the opportunity to take part in the new missions of commando forces in your country. The terrorist team has invaded your country and started making their bases in your nation with a deadly plan. The battle against them has just begun and you have to take down every adversary for the sake of your people and country. Always remember that you are protecting your nation and it’s people, you are eradicating dictatorship and terrorism from your nation, if you fail, you have nowhere to call home. 
In this action game, use each weapon in your weapon store – assault rifles, sniper guns and RPG to achieve your goal of freedom and peace. Your immediate decision for headshots can give you the complete control over the war zone. In addition to the unique and realistic 3D graphics, perfect gaming record will take this game to a different level of shooting which you will love. Each level has different missions to complete, the highest challenge for you is to protect yourself as well as your friends from the enemy. Beware of drones, choppers, and robots, they eliminate faster.


Features of Assault Fury – Mission Combat

• Highly addictive and immersive Game-play
• Variety of Weapons
• Aim and shoot
• Unique and realistic Graphical presentation.
• Experience the perfect touch operation
• Deadly Mission
• Stealth missions
• Boss fights
• Bomb Defusal missions
• Snipe down enemies to protect your comrade
Equip yourself with any gun of your choice and take part in the real army survival game. Play Assault Fury – Mission Combat for free today from action games category.


  • Carbine
  • QK
  • Blaster
  • CQ16
  • Scar
  • Sniper
  • RPG


Mountain Sniper Jungle – 3D Alpine Shooter


In this game, there is no room for laxity, always be ready your weapon, aim, and fire if you want to become the deadliest mountain sniper. As you proceed, you will have to upgrade your weapons and hunt down the terrorists. Mountain Sniper is the desert spin-off of one of the best of the sniper games available, Sniper Ops 3D. It’s a fun and free app, that puts you in charge of fighting terror in the desert. Mountain Sniper lets you wage online war against terrorists and deadly bad guys! This game charges you with the mighty responsibility of fighting a global war on terror. Become the ultimate shooter and protect all of mankind and you must take out all your enemies. This is not a routine gun game, the Sniper Ops Shooting Game is a war and FPS game that’s addictive and ultra-realistic.

Typical hunting and killing games are boring. In this game, you don’t shoot deer, elephants, lions, or any animals, you go for the real enemies who are creating terror all over the globe. Download The Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game and join millions of online players who are using their sniper skills to get maximum fun. The Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game offers ongoing new content all the time and it gives you the chance to be the hero in many virtual countries. This modern combat game allows you to race against time to prevent WWIII and go up against rivals who have been sent to kill.


● Realistic 3D graphics with outstanding animations in a desert setting.
● Take your pick of weapons including sniper guns and rifles.
● Hunting and killing missions to wage war on terrorists.
● One of the best free assassin games online ever.
● Help the army clear all the terrorists from a territory.
● Earn rewards with this app by completing missions.
● Amazing gun battles to destroy real enemies.
● Unlock all-new sniper rifles!
● No internet connection required!

These games are less than 80MB each in size and thus you shouldn’t have any problems in downloading and installing this game. They are available for all Tizen smartphones (Samsung Z1Z2Z3, and Z4). If you have any question or suggestion about this game, send a feedback to the developers or leave a comment on the comment section below.
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