Ethereum (ETH) creates much debate in the crpytocurrency world about whether or not the overtaking of Bitcoin is possible. Since its inception in 2014, ETH radiates an aurora of trust and hope about being the golden standard for cryptocurrency. This reputation results from not only as a result of the technology that supports it, but also from its fearless leader Vitalik Buterin. Looking at its short history, it is no secret that the pace of growth and adoption has been rapid. The question now is whether ETH can maintain this growth while still pushing the frontier for security. The answer remains unknowable for now, but what many agree on as being true is that Buterin and ETH have the best chance of leading the cryptocurrency revolution.

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The Infographic

The info graphic below recounts the journey ETH has had in recent years. When ETH’s achievements are put side by side with each other, there is no doubt about its already existing impact.

History of ethereum

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