Gabe Rivera’s memeorandum got a great write-up in Wired News today. Also TechCrunch reported that memeorandum has a new feature, a news widget that bloggers can include on their site. As I was looking at tech.memeorandum again this morning (as I do multiple times a day), it struck me that the Flock coverage is a perfect example of how memeorandum tracks both a story and how the blogosphere mood for that story changes over time. Check out these headlines, in order of how they are running down the tech.memeorandum page at this point in time:

Flock – Why All the Buzz?

Will mainstream people flock to Flock?

Bloggers don’t flock together

Flock Lands To Cheers & Jeers

Flock: It’s your turn to fly


Flock Not Ready for Primetime

Advanced browser gives taste of Web 2.0

Flock has Launched [TechCrunch post that started the thread, but which has now run its course and is off the memeorandum homepage]

Notice how the mood of the blogosphere changed from the launch (positive, excited) to the middle period when bloggers started to question (“Cheers and Jeers”) to the slightly negative mood we’re in now of wondering why all the buzz. The only odd headline out is ‘Flock Not Ready for Primetime’, which is a brand new link (15 mins old at time of this writing) and somehow isn’t ready for being at the top of the page. Other than that, tech.memeorandum has accurately tracked the mood of the blogosphere – as well as the story.

Now, if only my headline – Will mainstream people flock to Flock? – would get back into the number 1 position 😉 I enjoyed a brief and unexpected reign at the top of the memeorandum pops this morning with that post 🙂