Accenture has a video that is pretty slick and adorable at the same time. It features a group of kids explaining cloud computing.

The kids are sharp. They’re the one who love to make their own web sites. One has aspirations to make a video games that features a villain with a head made of cheese puffs.

They explain cloud computing in a simple, clear way. They don’t see limits to the cloud. They see it as infinite, accessible anywhere, any time.

Accenture makes the point that the cloud is everywhere, whether you like it or not. You can get explanations from Wikipedia and other sources. But the experts are the kids. They have always known the Internet. They are digital natives.

Accenture’s message is that these are the future employees of the workforce. They will be competitors and customers, too.

This video did not come cheap in making. It shows how one of the world’s largest consulting companies is heavily marketing cloud computing. Systems integration is a big business. The cloud represents an extension of that market. Companies are rethinking enterprise strategies. Accenture is looking for a play in that switch.

The cloud means a lot of consulting revenues for Accenture. Making a cute, effective video like this one helps tell the story and line up customers, too.