The G1 is one of the most anticipated mobile phones to be released towards the end of this month. Everyone is waiting to see how it will stack up against the iPhone and how the Android Marketplace will do against Apple’s App Store. Unfortunately, developers of Android apps will not be able to charge users for apps during the launch of the G1. This isn’t as bad as it seems because Handango will provide payment alternatives for developers that are looking to get rich.

The Paid Apps Marketplace

CEO Bill Stone stated that:

“Handango is now offering developers the opportunity to sell the paid apps they create for the Android platform as well as offer any free apps when the first Android device launches. Customers can purchase apps via the Web and then download them to their device.”

Handango will provide this golden opportunity to developers looking to profit from their apps on October 22, the anticipated launch date of the G1. Developers will be given several options for selling their app:

  • Sell an app for a one-time purchase fee
  • Sell an app for a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fee

The plus side for Google and Handango is that App Store developers don’t receive this many options to sell their apps. It could tempt a nice portion of developers to port their apps over to Android if the G1’s launch is successful enough.

How Long Will it Last?

A small selection of apps have already been announced for Handango’s catalog including Monopoly, The Weather Channel, Voice on the Go, EzQuote, and FitSync. Unfortunately, Google already has plans to allow developers to charge users to download an app. What will happen to Handango? If developers are smart, they’ll offer their apps in both marketplaces if possible. Unless Google takes too long to implement the same payment options, Handango may have a little trouble in the future catering to developers trying to sell their apps.