Google has launched a consumer education campaign called Good to Know, which is designed to teach new users of high tech about safety, security and data management online. It’s a walk-through with four sections: Stay safe online, Your data on the web, Your data on Google and Manage your data. Each section contains an organized brochure of topics with some instructional diagrams and videos.

Google calls Good to Know its “biggest-ever consumer education campaign.” It began with ad campaigns in the U.K. and Germany last fall. The ads highlight security tips like using Google’s 2-step verification and checking websites for secure HTTPS connections. The campaign will now be extended to the U.S. with print and Web ads, as well as display ads in New York and Washington D.C. subway stations.

The campaign supports Google’s existing resources, such as the Google Security Center, the Family Safety Center and Teach Parents Tech. By dedicating one chapter of the Good to Know website to Google’s services, the rest of the document serves as a good general guide to using the whole Web responsibly.

These resources are available at