Beyond what we’ve seen so far in the official videos and demos using Google’s own suite of products, Google Glass will also be getting some big-name third-party apps. At a somewhat last-minute event announced for

SXSW 2013

, Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan spoke to a room hungry for more intel about Google’s buzzy wearable tech,

Project Glass

While he didn’t reveal a launch date, Jordan did say Google Glass has been working on an app with the The New York Times. The re-thought news reader app lets Google Glass wearers visually scan headlines and have stories read aloud with the device’s built-in speaker, which only Glass wearer can hear.

Path will be another early entrant to the Glass app marketplace. Path is a social feed designed around tracking your life and sharing what you’re up to with your inner social circles. While a great many people don’t seem to know what to do with Path, its “in the background” ethos seems to make it a natural fit for Google Glass.

There’s more than just news reading and social apps, too. Google said that productivity darling Evernote (and its image-snapping partner, Skitch) will also tie into Glass, letting wearers share and annotate images all while syncing them seamlessly with their accounts. 

Take a sneak peek of the first wave of Google Glass apps in the photos below: 

Photos by Taylor Hatmaker.