Sometimes technologies can boggle me. Most people Iknow that buy a thin smartphone have to shell out extra money to get a protective cover, a bumper and a screen protection stick on. Serious roadrunners also take a back up battery pack. Most of this could be combined into the device itself and still small when compared to the smarty phones of 2006! But until a producer dares to show that “bigger is better” we will report on changes in mobile devices. Like some of the Galaxy S5 models that may or may not be available with Tizen OS.
Industry reports inform us that Samsung is working on expanding it’s use of  LDS antenna technology on some of the Galaxy models. Now you know right? OK, I’ll admit I had to refresh about it as well! LDS means that your antenna will not be in the frame or the body of your phone but in the backplate of the (sometimes cheaper) plastic models. As you know, Apple has done a similar trick: an iPhone 5c isn’t an iPhone 5 as an S is. Nasty coloring isn’t the only difference and it is to be expected that major suppliers will take this route.

Which is not just the case with phones: Car makers have done this for quite some time: Chevrolet rebadged Daewoo cars and there’s a lot of common DNA between an Audi and a Skoda.

It means that both the process of design and the costs of production are quicker and less expensive. There is a drawback: If you drop your phone at the wrong angle it might hamper your communications. Probably not 100% but it might reduce the reach of your sending or receiving of information. Samsung isn’t new to this technology either. The Note 3 was one of the first Galaxies that was kitted out with this antenna and I have not heard many complaints about it.
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