Software development firm Echolibre beta launched Orchestra, its Heroku-like PHP platform-as-a-service, last month. The company is offering free beta invites for the service to the first 40 ReadWriteWeb readers who sign-up here.

Orchestra is remarkably simple. Unlike most other PaaSes, Orchestra doesn’t host your repository. You just point it towards your Git or Subversion repository and Echolibre spins-up an image and gives you a host name. Orchestra then automatically pings your repository for changes and automatically updates itself. You can also update manually or on a schedule. You can see a video of the process here.

Echolibre has extensive experience with PHP. The company’s developers contribute to the core PHP Project and PEAR, among other projects. The team optimized Orchestra’s PHP instances for scalability. If traffic increases it will create additional instances and automatically balance the load between them.

Echolibre’s Eamon Leonard told us the service has been tested with WordPress, Drupal and other major applications and frameworks to ensure compatibility.

Orchestra competes with CloudControl and PHPFog.