Lots to eat today in Dot Oh Cafe. Here are some of the tasty tidbits that caught my eye as I perused the tech.memeorandum and Rojo menus:

Google’s smorgasbord classifieds service

Google Base is eating the lunch of many a hungry 2.0 start-up. Here are some of the mouth-watering dishes in Google Buffet (aka Base):

1. Course Schedules

2. Events and Activities

3. Housing

4. Jobs

5. News and Articles

6. People Profiles

7. Products

8. Reference Articles

9. Reviews

10. Services

11. Travel

12. Vehicles

13. Wanted Ads

Microsoft borrows the Web 2.0 Cookbook

SEW reports: Microsoft Announces MSN Book Search; Joins Open Content Alliance.

Seems to me they’re trying out the recipes of Google and Yahoo.

Yahoo serves up its latest gourmet dish

Y! Search blog: Plan a Trip in a Single Search with Yahoo! Travel Trip Planner.

Exotic Food

David Smith and Martin Lindner dig deeper into the strange world of Ted Nelson.

Fish of the Day

Yannick continues the filleting of Nicholas Carr.

Scrambled Eggs

In my latest ZDNet post, I scramble Semantic Web and Web 2.0 together (perhaps breaking some eggs in the process).

IBM tries out Dot Oh fare

Podtech.net exclusive: IBM Supports Podcasting as a New Media.

So they’re not just a meat and potatoes company.

Or cook yer own…

Create your own Web 2.0 Company (via Om). Mine is Blinonorati, a “tag-based wiki via flash”. Yum!