Fitbit users claim their devices have been rendered unusable following a software update issued in December 2023.

The Google-owned subsidiary rolled out an update to its Fitbit Charge 5 device, which was supposed to enhance features and fix bugs, but instead, a growing list of problems has surfaced.

As reported by BBC News, over 100 users have recorded their issues on a Fitbit forum with various complaints logged. One person said their device is now “useless,” while another stated their battery is dead and unable to function as it used to.

Dean, a customer from Essex in southeast England, added, “It seems to have been done from their update — before it was working really well. The battery would last for seven days easily.”

“I don’t really see why hundreds of other people would be having the same problem after installing the update if it wasn’t, but [Fitbit] is going completely quiet and not responding.”

He continued, pointing out an immediate change after the update, with the battery unable to hold a charge.

“The battery was completely dead. I contacted customer services for the online chat, and all they would do is talk me through factory resetting the device, which wouldn’t help. Then I logged on to the forums and asked for help there and found that other people were having the problem and it was completely being ignored by Fitbit.”

Response required

The BBC reported Fitbit has been asked to respond to the claims.

The company laid off hundreds of its workforce earlier this month, with co-founders James Park and Eric Friedman said to be among the contingent to have departed.

Other customers have made complaints, as recent as this week, with some hitting out at the “frustrating” customer service experience, which offered “no solution other than to buy a new Fitbit”.

The company markets its device with five reasons you will love Charge 5, including features such as daily readiness, stress management, heart health, health metrics, and built-in GPS.

The wrist-worn fitness tracker retails at approximately £129.99 ($165)

Image: Pixabay/Pexels.

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