As everyone and their dog probably knows is that Facebook has privacy issues. But now, Facebook has potentially taken this issue to a new level. It seems that Facebook is actively using iPhone users’ camera when they’re scrolling their feed.

This issue was found by a user that uses the name Josh Maddux. This user shared the issue he found on Twitter – which was happening on his Facebook app on his iPhone. He shared footage of his screen being recorded.

This same user had also updated saying that he had found this very same issue on 5 iPhone devices. These phones were running iOS 13.2.2. Maddux also said that they could not reproduce these same effects on iOS 12 – perhaps meaning that this issue doesn’t happen on this version.

We still don’t know if this behaviour is expected or it’s a bug in they software. What we can probably count on is that Facebook is going to go on with themselves and say that its a bug and finish the scene with a big fat apology. But still, this issue is concerning when we see the issues that Facebook has had in the past. If we look back in August, not long ago, we can see the massive debacle with Cambridge Analytica.

Any iOS app has been granted access to your camera?


The statement above is true as well as the fact that these apps can use your camera to secretly record you. One way to deal with this is to revoke app access to the camera. However, doesn’t exactly give you a smooth software experience. Another way, is to cover your camera like in the crime movies. Even Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has suggested that you practice this method.

By now, everyone should be well aware that any iOS app that has been granted access to your camera can secretly record you. Back in 2017, researcher Felix Krause spoke to TNW about the same issue.

We hope to get more news on the situation soon so that we can have answers about this issue. Is Facebook collecting more data about us? Is Facebook using camera footage they receive.