We may know more about what a “customizable” smartphone from Motorola may be … and it is not what a lot of tech geeks might think.

According to a report from ABC News, the only customization that will be available for the forthcoming Moto X smartphone from Motorola will be color, the ability to add an engraving and a picture to the homescreen. It will be available across different carriers in the United States and have different options for the amount of storage a consumer wants. 

This is not really the type of news that smartphone enthusiasts want to hear. The device is reported to be in the mid-range of the smartphone market which may mean it will have less-than-stellar hardware specifications. According to the report, there will be no ability to change the hardware inside (such as the computer or graphics processor) or the size of the screen. It would have been extremely challenging for Motorola to achieve that type of customization, but people have held high hopes for the Moto X as it is the first real contribution to the smartphone market that is a collaboration between Google and Motorola. The search giant bought the smartphone manufacturer in August 2011. 

Rumors suggest that the real hero features of the Moto X will be in the sensors. The idea would be to make the phone intuitive, to know what you want to do or are doing as you are doing it. Take a picture? Flick the device. Need speaker phone while driving down the highway? Moto X knows before you ask. 

So, the question now becomes: what color do you want your new smartphone?