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Boom in China Is Built on Virtual Fun
; NY Times continues the western
fascination with all things China. This article profiles Tencent and their
dominant mobile entertainment and IM service called ‚ÄúQQ‚Ä? – which “has
reached more than 100 million users, or nearly 80 percent of the market.”
The crux of the piece is that US companies like Google and Yahoo have largely
not succeeded in China because they haven’t adapted to China‚Äôs Internet
market, “which is geared primarily to entertainment and mobile

New Panama Ranking
System For Yahoo Ads Launches Today
; as Search Engine Land explains, Yahoo’s
Panama ad system is designed to take “ad quality and other factors into
consideration in determining how ads are ranked on search results pages (a
system similar to that long used by Google).” The high level question most
are asking is whether Yahoo has left this move far too late, to seriously
challenge the dominant Google AdWords?

Google Mini Integrates Google Analytics
; more evidence of product
integration happening at Google.

further reduces the influence of top diggers
; what makes this so fascinating
is that Digg is trying to make their site more democratic, but at the same time not piss off their top users (too much). It’s a delicate balancing act for Digg.