Apple Inc, led by CEO Tim Cook, recently engaged in a fruitful discussion with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House. This meeting between technology executives and the Indian Prime Minister aimed to explore investment opportunities and address potential challenges in India’s market. The encounter took place during Modi’s first state visit to the United States since assuming office in 2014.

During the hour-long meeting, CEO Tim Cook expressed his enthusiasm for India’s market, describing it as a “huge opportunity.” This sentiment aligns with Apple’s recent endeavors in the country, such as the opening of two retail stores earlier this year. Moreover, Apple plans to expand its retail footprint by establishing three additional flagship stores in India.

Apple’s strategic focus on India stems from its recognition of the country’s growing middle class as a significant driver of future growth. By tapping into this emerging market, Apple aims to solidify its position as a global leader in the technology industry.

Apple is not the only company recognizing India’s potential. During Modi’s visit, other prominent players in the semiconductor industry, including Micron and Applied Materials, announced their plans to make substantial investments in India. This trend highlights the increasing interest of global technology companies in leveraging India’s market for growth and expansion.

Modi’s visit to the United States also saw significant developments in the bilateral relationship between the two nations. India and the U.S. agreed to drop six World Trade Organization (WTO) disputes, indicating the willingness of both countries to foster stronger economic ties. This move further solidifies India’s position as a crucial ally in the new geopolitical order, and it bodes well for companies like Apple seeking to invest in the Indian market.

In addition to retail expansion, Apple is actively engaging with local banks and regulators to explore the possibility of launching its Apple Card in India. This move would further strengthen Apple’s presence in the Indian financial sector, providing new avenues for growth and enhancing customer experiences.

First reported on CNBC

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