In a previous review on security cameras, I tested and wrote about blurams security cameras for indoor use. Now, I’m putting their outdoor security camera to the test. Known as the blurams Outdoor Pro, this smart home outdoor security camera is made to withstand all types of weather to provide round-the-clock monitoring of your home. Here’s what I discovered after installing and using the blurams Outdoor Pro for the last few months.

How the blurams Outdoor Pro Works

The blurams Outdoor Pro is a security camera that works through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Using AI, the security camera can distinguish between humans and pets as well as identify moving objects. Beyond its 129-degree wide-angle viewing capability, it also uses sound to determine what it captures on camera.

The app provides a way to assign and name up to 16 people for identification purposes. After you configure these people in the system, the app can send an alert and refer to them by name as they approach your home.

Blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera
Blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera

The security camera gives you an instant notification through mobile and web-enabled app. The blurams app is compatible with the Apple Watch and iOS as well as Android smartphones. The app also lets you define motion detection areas to reduce unnecessary alerts as well as identify specific areas in a camera’s range for privacy so those areas will always be blurred.

Plus, you can opt to activate a siren or flashing alarm. It also lets you record video footage, using a SD card with as much as 128GB or blurams’ cloud service.

Security Camera Features

The wireless outdoor security camera is packed with features, including 1080p resolution, two-way audio, night vision, and facial recognition. It also works with Alexa.

A stand out feature is its IP65 weather resistance. This means it will keeping recording no matter what weather conditions faced like sun, rain, wind or snow.  

Blurams Facial Recognition
Blurams Facial Recognition Technology

The Pros and Cons

What I like most about the blurams Outdoor Pro is the AI-enabled facial recognition, privacy blur mode, and excellent two-way audio quality. It has good viewing and quality video for various ranges as well as during the day and night. Another outstanding feature is the ability to record video footage. The price is more than fair for the technology it offers.

Another good thing about this outdoor security camera is how easy it is to install it. There is no need for electrical knowledge and skill. All you need to do is follow the mounting instructions, plug in the micro USB cable and AC adapter, and then scan the QR code.

Blurams Outdoor Security Camera
Blurams Outdoor Security Camera

The only cons  I could find with this outdoor security camera is that I have to pay for the cloud video storage feature as part of a subscription. A seven-day cloud storage subscription costs $5 per month or $49 per year. You can also store clips for 30 days for $15 per month or $149 per year. They do provide a one-month trial for their cloud service when y0u buy the camera. Typically, for most smart home gadgets I use, this additional cost is common.

Also, the outdoor camera doesn’t offer professional monitoring or provide you with 911 alerts. While these features would be nice to have, they are not make-or-break factors for me.

In the Box

The outdoor security camera comes with mounting accessories, a USB cable with power adapter, and a user guide.

Where to Buy

The blurams Outdoor Pro is available through Amazon for $78.99 plus free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

Overall Thoughts

The comprehensive features, advanced technology, and ease of installation and use make the blurams Outdoor Pro a good choice. Along with the inside blurams security cameras, it’s possible to have complete security coverage at a reasonable price.

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