To wrap up what has been a busy week, yesterday I finally got some momentum
going in the blogosphere with the O’Reilly interview. Thanks to Jason Kottke, Robert Scoble, Phil Pearson (btw welcome
back Phil!), Lucas Gonze and all
the others
who kindly linked to it.

What happened was, I published Part 1 of the interview first thing Monday morning (US
time). But it was slow to take off and by mid-week I was a bit concerned that no web
connectors would notice it. So I launched a Band Aid-like appeal for
links and eventually some blog stars kindly donated their attention.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a regular “Blog Aid” thing, where A-Listers devoted
say 1 day a month to feed link-hungry C-Listers? It’s the least they could do.

I’m joking!

Next week I will take it easy and blog in my pyjamas, as per Robert’s suggestion 🙂
Just as well I’m not a videoblogger.