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Apple’s WWDC 2013 Keynote: iOS 7, iTunes Radio And New MacBook Airs

Apple’s biggest event of the year is over. Today’s announcements included a big revamp to the iOS interface in the form of iOS 7, new MacBook Airs and a preview of the new Mac Pro, and the unveiling of Apple’s long-rumored streaming-music service, now called iTunes Radio.

Here’s our live blog of the event:

12:05:31David Hamilton: Thus far at WWDC:

9:31:12 dgknozden: awesome

9:31:51 Michael Benson: Morning

9:32:43 Luigi_crc: now where’s the action??

9:33:41 Nick Statt: We’re here now! Just debugging a few things.

9:34:04 Tekman-MX: Hello there, good morning everyone.

9:34:05 Sergey Nikolaev: Morning

9:34:51 Price8963: When will the Live Feed of WWDC keynote start?

9:34:56 zaheer: hey will this work on windows 7

9:35:01 Mk: Let the show begin

9:35:45 Fredric Paul: Can’t wait to see what Tim Cook & Jony Ive have in store today. I hope there’s at least one big surprise.

9:37:15 Nick Statt: Our live blog should be totally fine on Windows 7. Apple’s live stream of the keynote will only work on Safari.

9:37:20 John: Is it showing it live here?

9:37:29 ANdreaT: I believe we are still 27m ahead of the start 🙂 so no action yet 😉

9:37:32 Hangman’s Heart: let’s do this…

9:37:46 Nick Statt: Our live blog will run on Windows 7, but the Apple WWDC keynote livestream will only work on Safari.

9:39:01 Fredric Paul: Event starts at 10am Pacific Time.

9:39:17 zaheer: ok cool.thnx

9:40:59 Mandy: So it won’t start till 1p eastern time

9:41:38 Fredric Paul: Yup, 1pm Eastern

9:42:19 Nick Statt: As for showing the livestream here, we’re unable to do that because Apple has not made it embeddable.

9:44:57 Aa: So I’m not sure what the answer was. Is there going to be a live stram here when the event starts?

9:45:03 Owen Thomas: A quick recap of what we’re expecting: readwrite.com

9:45:18 David Hamilton: @Aa See the pinned post above.

9:45:56 David Hamilton: The Apple live stream just went live.

9:46:37 Fredric Paul: So far, just an empty stage and a full house.

9:46:38 David Hamilton: It’s showing the crowds filing in, to some mellow rock beat.

9:47:38 Nick Statt: Appears to be Yet Again by Grizzly Bear. Very soothing.

9:47:40 Fredric Paul: A Woz sighting!

9:48:00 Owen Thomas: Now playing: “Yet Again” by Grizzly Bear. Let’s play lyrics interpretation, people! #wwdc rock.rapgenius.com

9:49:00 Asis: Awesome!

9:49:01 kartheek thangella: i want os x 10.9

9:49:10 Alexandr Kharkov: Evening

9:52:19 Owen Thomas: I think I just spotted Laurene Powell-Jobs talking to angel investor Ron Conway. #wwdc

9:52:35 Dan Rowinski: OK, what is wrong with this paragraph announcing the live stream of the keynote this morning?”Apple® will broadcast its WWDC 2013 keynote address using Apple’s industry-leading HTTP Live Streaming, which is based on open standards. Viewing requires Safari® on iOS 4.2 or later on any iPhone®, iPad®, iPad mini or iPod touch®; Safari 4 or later on Mac® OS X® v10.6 or later. Streaming via Apple TV® requires second or third generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later.”HTTP Live Streaming … based on open standards. Great! Oh, by the way, Apple says: you have to use one of our custom-built products to see the keynote. Open? Phaw!

9:53:23 I hate flat design: Really hoping the leaked screenshots are wrong. Flat design looks amateurish.

9:55:13 Nick Statt: Another iTunes featured album on our hands – Phoenix’s Bankrupt! Makes sense if iRadio is going to be the big announcement here save iOS 7.

9:56:38 David Hamilton: Unsurprisingly, just about everyone in the audience seems to be glued to a screen of one sort or another.

9:57:56 Fredric Paul: I’m not a fan of skeuomorphism, but I do like texture and depth in my user interfaces.

9:58:42 David Hamilton: @Fred Like a true editor.

10:01:49 Nick Statt:  Keynote will be starting in a few.

10:02:44 Owen Thomas: Applause!

10:02:48 Fredric Paul: Cue the applause!

10:03:24 Owen Thomas: “Design requires focus.”

10:03:28 David Hamilton: It’s showtime!

10:04:23 Owen Thomas: “There are a thousand no’s.” But apparently no one to tell Apple that the plural of “no” is not “no’s.”

10:05:08 David Hamilton: Tim Cook is taking the stage.

10:05:18 Dan Rowinski: Can’t help but notice the dig at Android there.

10:05:51 David Hamilton: Cook: “I’m glad you liked that. Those words mean a great deal to us.”

10:06:03 David Hamilton: It’s the 24th WWDC.

10:06:35 David Hamilton: There are over 100 sessions and 120 labs, and more than 1000 Apple engineers are present.

10:07:04 David Hamilton: 6M iOS developers. 1.5M added in the year alone.

10:08:14 Dan Rowinski: Essentially, Apple was taking a dig at Android by saying how much it values simplicity of design. Maybe a dig at Samsung in particular, considering the bloatware that runs on the Galaxy S4.

10:08:15 Fredric Paul: New Berlin Apple Store looks sweet.

10:08:21 David Hamilton: Now 407 Apple stores around the world in 14 countries.

10:08:53 David Hamilton: Now Cook is showing a video of the opening of the Berlin store.

10:09:46 David Hamilton: It was originally one of the first theaters in Berlin.

10:10:43 David Hamilton: App Store will be 5yo next month.

10:10:56 David Hamilton: People have downloaded 50B apps.

10:10:58 Fredric Paul: App Store is now 5 years old, with 50 billion downloads – with 900K apps. 375K iPad apps

10:11:10 Fredric Paul: This is clearly a big advantage for Apple.

10:11:13 Owen Thomas: The big number here is Apple’s number of accounts: 575 million accounts with credit cards. #wwdc

10:11:14 David Hamilton: Cook: “This is phenomenal. That’s a lot of zeroes.”

10:11:15 Nick Statt: 50 billion apps downloaded in the App Store, says Tim Cook.

10:11:28 Fredric Paul: 575M store accounts is an even bigger advantage.

10:11:28 Owen Thomas: Apple has paid developers $10 billion.

10:11:29 David Hamilton: There are 375,000 apps designed for iPad.

10:11:57 Dan Rowinski: 900,000 apps in the App Store. 375,000 for iPad. That is about 100k more than Google announced with Android at I/O. So much for that race for 1 million apps that I said Android would win earlier this year.

10:12:11 Owen Thomas: iOS accounts for nearly three-quarters of payouts to developers. Android is 20 percent. #wwdc

10:12:48 David Hamilton: In download revenue, that’s 3X more than all all platforms combined.

10:12:53 Fredric Paul: That lead with developers is a really big deal – it’s the one big advantage Apple still retains.

10:12:59 Owen Thomas: Tim Cook is unveiling a developer, Anki, on stage. Of course, Anki’s site is unavailable. The WWDC effect. #wwdc

10:13:24 David Hamilton: 74% for Apple, 20% Android, 6% for “other.”

10:13:47 David Hamilton: Boris Sofman of Anki is up to talk about his company.

10:13:54 David Hamilton: It’s a robotics company.

10:14:48 David Hamilton: Anki Drive is the company’s first product. Digital cars are self-driving themselves around a track.

10:15:18 David Hamilton: Make that, they’re actual cars driving on a racetrack on a map they’ve unrolled on the floor.

10:15:29 David Hamilton: And now the demo seems to be crashing.

10:15:54 Dan Rowinski: You’d figure Apple would be smarter than letting a developer do a live demo in the opening minutes of the WWDC keynote. What, does the Anki car need to have its wind up twisted a couple times before it gets going?

10:16:07 David Hamilton: Toy cars are back on the track. Red, blue and white. Two just collided briefly.

10:16:26 David Hamilton: Now a new car is zipping around faster than the others.

10:16:45 David Hamilton: We’re using iOS devices to collect data, let them react to their environment.

10:16:59 David Hamilton: The other cars are going to try to block the driven car.

10:17:18 Fredric Paul: “A video game in the real world”

10:17:21 David Hamilton: “Weapons enabled”

10:17:25 David Hamilton: And the other cars clear out.

10:17:36 Dan Rowinski: What 8-bit Nintendo game does Anki remind me of? I am having trouble remembering. Readers, you remember?

10:17:42 David Hamilton: This is very, very strange.

10:18:05 Nick Statt:  “This is a video game in the real world.” – Anki

10:18:09 Fredric Paul: it’s kinda cool. But it’s also kinda like the slot-cars I grew up with. And that have largely disappeared from the national culture.

10:18:10 David Hamilton: It’s a game! You can play it with your iPhone or iPad.

10:18:24 David Hamilton: Why in the world is Apple leading off WWDC with this?

10:18:30 David Hamilton: Cook is back.

10:18:53 David Hamilton: Cook: “Great example of the combination of your powerful apps and the power of the iOS ecosystem.”

10:19:08 David Hamilton: Cook: Thanks to developers for making incredible apps.

10:19:23 David Hamilton: 72M Macs installed around the world.

10:20:15 Nick Statt:  Apple not holding back on the Microsoft stabs.

10:20:20 David Hamilton: Mac business has outpaced the PC business for several years now. 15% Mac vs. 3% for PCs, annual growth over the past 5 years.

10:20:21 Fredric Paul: Mac growth is far outpacing PC growth, but that seems to be domination of a shrinking market.

10:20:49 David Hamilton: 28M copies of Mountain Lion shipped.

10:21:15 David Hamilton: Cook takes a dig at Windows 8. Mountain Lion adoption far outpacing Win8.

10:22:01 Owen Thomas: “We do not want to be the first software product constrained by a dwindling supply of cats.” —Craig Federighi #wwdc

10:22:08 David Hamilton: Craig Federighi, chief of Mac OS X and iOS.

10:22:22 David Hamilton: OS X Sea Lion? It’s a joke.

10:22:23 Owen Thomas: No, the next OS X version will not be named “Sea Lion.” #wwdc

10:22:39 Owen Thomas: OS X Mavericks! Surf’s up, dude. #wwdc

10:22:49 David Hamilton: New naming convention coming up. Places that inspire us in California.

10:23:03 Fredric Paul: Not to be snarky, but maybe they should use Chinese place names instead of California place names.

10:23:31 Owen Thomas: Oh, you make a browser-based operating system? That’s cute. Finder Tabs! Boom! #wwdc

10:23:44 David Hamilton: Mavericks new features. Three of them. Starting with Finder Tabs.

10:24:14 David Hamilton: Finder tabs looks like tabs in the browser.

10:24:18 David Hamilton: Next: Tagging

10:24:30 Nick Statt:  I much preferred OS X Sea Lion.

10:24:47 David Hamilton: Bringing tagging to the Mac. When save a document, you can tag it. Tag things wherever they are, brought together in Finder.

10:24:59 David Hamilton: Looks like Gmail features are making their way to the Finder.

10:25:05 David Hamilton: Next: Multiple displays.

10:25:37 Fredric Paul: I love the multiple display changes, but I’d call them fixes more than “improvements.”

10:25:39 David Hamilton: Now, you can get at your menus across multiple displays, summon the doce. And when you go full screen, it doesn’t mess with your other display.

10:25:59 David Hamilton: AirPlay connected HDTV can act as a full-power display.

10:26:12 David Hamilton: This all seems… sorta marginal.

10:26:32 Owen Thomas: OS X Mavericks is a reinvention of a desktop OS, like Windows 8. Except it doesn’t brainlessly break established interfaces. #wwdc

10:26:39 David Hamilton: Federighi merges several Finders into one, with the different windows going into tabs.

10:26:45 Nick Statt: Finder tabs is actually something that may be very useful, but I’d agree, marginal improvements at best.

10:26:53 Fredric Paul: But to be fair, OS X was already wayyyyy better at multi-displays than Windows is.

10:27:46 Fredric Paul: @David – fixes, not breakthroughs. Nice, but hard to see as game-changing.

10:27:46 Owen Thomas: David, Nick, I respectfully disagree. These are subtle changes, because they use established interfaces users know from Web browsers. But bringing them into the OS is smart. Doesn’t require retraining. And sets the stage for the browser and the OS to eventually and invisibly merge.

10:28:39 David Hamilton: Apple has discovered tags! Welcome to 2004!

10:29:33 David Hamilton: Federighi is moving windows across multiple displays. And yes, I agree, it will be nice to have menu bars and docks across multiple screens.

10:29:42 David Hamilton: And to do full screen in separate displays.

10:29:49 Owen Thomas: The trick with interfaces like tabs and tags is when to bring them into mainstream technologies. Apple is saying the time is now. #wwdc

10:33:09 David Hamilton: Federighi says new features like “App Nap” will reduce CPU activity by 72%. How much battery life improves as a result isn’t clear.

10:34:48 David Hamilton: Similar improvements for features such as waking from standby.

10:34:54 Owen Thomas: Whoa**: Twitter and LinkedIn URL discovery baked into Safari. #wwdc

10:35:03 David Hamilton: Improvement to Safari: Private browsing, blocking 3rd party cookies.

10:35:16 Nick Statt:  Reading list and shared likes among new features for Safari overhaul in OS X Mavericks.

10:35:35 Fredric Paul: Love the 3rd party cookie thang!

10:36:13 Fredric Paul: But not sure about sharing links – seems like that would be problematic in many cases and might require users to manage what they share.

10:37:03 Owen Thomas: So wait, Federighi is saying Safari and Mail will actually work again soon? Good idea! #wwdc

10:37:08 David Hamilton: And the improvements are supposed to make Safari a lot faster on JavaScript benchmarks than Firefox and Chrome. Also it uses a lot less energy than either.

10:37:26 Fredric Paul: Super fast, super smooth scrolling: Apple has always been a leader at scrolling. And no, I’m not being sarcastic.

10:38:00 Owen Thomas: Fred, not sure what the issue is—all of this would be URLs already shared. No change required. No exposure of material not already shared with followers/contacts.

10:38:47 David Hamilton: That’s better scrolling in Safari.

10:38:55 David Hamilton: Ah, an explanation for App Nap.

10:39:03 Owen Thomas: Apple does not seem to realize that the whole “bookmarks” metaphor has been broken since the very beginning and should be abandoned. #wwdc

10:39:12 David Hamilton: Bringing up a new window over a CPU intensive window causes CPU usage to drop.

10:39:34 David Hamilton: That is kinda cool. Federighi: “That’s really going to help your battery life.”

10:39:45 David Hamilton: More on bookmarks in Safari.

10:40:47 David Hamilton: Seamless scrolling through the Safari “reading list.” A feature that I’m not sure anyone actually uses.

10:41:01 Owen Thomas: Thinking over the “Mavericks” name: Surfing. The future of OS X is the Web. The Web and the desktop are merging. #wwdc

10:41:40 David Hamilton: iCloud keychain: It’s a Web-based password manager.

10:42:04 David Hamilton: Look out, LastPass.

10:42:37 David Hamilton: It saves, encrypts and syncs passwords. And will suggest new secure passwords when you register for new services or accounts.

10:42:53 Owen Thomas: Background app updating for OS X. How about iOS? #wwdc

10:43:30 David Hamilton: Mavericks allows replies inside notifications, so you don’t have to go to the app itself.

10:43:41 Fredric Paul: These notifications improvements are a big deal in bringing OS X and iOS closer together – which seems to be a big theme for Apple.

10:43:42 Owen Thomas: Craig Federighi just made a joke about fake-leather interfaces. “Absolutely no virtual cows were harmed” in the new OS X Calendar app. #wwdc

10:44:28 David Hamilton: Notifications will display when you wake up your Mac, right on the lock screen.

10:44:36 David Hamilton: Sure hope there’s never anything sensitive in those 🙂

10:44:56 Owen Thomas: So the Mac Maps app integrates with iPhone. Great. What about a Windows Apple Maps app for the vast majority of iPhone users? #wwdc

10:46:21 David Hamilton: OK, my stream had fallen several minutes behind. Caught up now with Maps.

10:46:37 Fredric Paul: @Owen, I don’t think Windows versions of Apple apps are in the the company’s plans. But it would be nice.

10:47:53 David Hamilton: Maps allows you to send directions and routes directly to your iPhone.

10:48:18 Owen Thomas: Second dig against skeuomorphism. Federighi apparently is the designated Forstall foil. #wwdc

10:48:21 Fredric Paul: It might also be nice if you could send it from the Mac to maybe – I dunno – an Android phone. But that ain’t gonna happen either. Do we all have to choose a single ecosystem? Can’t they all just get along?

10:48:24 Dan Rowinski: Allowing developers to use an SDK to embed Apple Maps in their websites and apps goes head to head with Google’s longstanding practice of allowing devs to embed Google Maps. It will be interesting to see what devs choose. Apple is a bit of an upstart in maps and devs have been very comfortable using the Google Maps SDK.

10:48:41 David Hamilton: Calendar will make place suggestions to you for, say, lunches. And will block out travel time on your calendar as well.

10:50:08 Owen Thomas: I feel like a big theme here is how smoothly OS X and iOS interact. Of course, that was the promise of last year’s reorg. #wwdc

10:50:10 Dan Rowinski: I have a feeling this keynote is going to be a little longer than a normal WWDC keynote, which is about 1.5 hours. It is almost an hour in and they are still on Mac OS X features. Everybody waiting for iOS 7 to be announced.

10:51:19 David Hamilton: iBooks in Mavericks: Better, faster zooming; you can take notes in text and see them in margins if you expand the window.

10:51:32 Dan Rowinski: Granted, this is a lot of cross pollination between OS X and iOS these days.

10:52:12 David Hamilton: Phil Schiller coming on to talk about Macs.

10:52:21 Owen Thomas: I feel like there’s a disconnect: Vast majority of Apple developers are iOS, but Apple is spending a lot of time on OS X and Mac. #wwdc

10:52:33 David Hamilton: General release of Mavericks this fall. Developers get a preview today.

10:53:47 David Hamilton: Schiller: We’re aiming for all-day battery life.

10:54:03 Nick Statt:  New MacBook Air battery life.

10:54:15 David Hamilton: MacBook Air: 5hrs to 9hrs batter life for the 11-inch MacBook Air.

10:54:18 Owen Thomas: Phil Schiller just missed an opportunity to make a “This one goes to 12” joke about the new MacBook Air’s battery life. #wwdc

10:54:24 Dan Rowinski: Retina Display or battery life is more important? The RW staff thinks battery life.

10:54:44 David Hamilton: 13 inch Air goes to 12 hours from 7hrs.

10:56:21 David Hamilton: Schiller offering a sneak peek of the Mac Pro.

10:56:32 Owen Thomas: SNEAK PEEK! #wwdc

10:56:43 Nick Statt:  New MBA’s available today.

10:57:58 David Hamilton: It’s… a video!

10:58:39 Owen Thomas: So the new Mac Pro is a James Bond film? #wwdc

10:58:46 David Hamilton: It’s all curves and lenses and eyeballs.

10:59:16 David Hamilton: Schiller: “Can’t innovate any more, my ass.” Woz looks kinda stunned in the audience.

10:59:21 Owen Thomas: Schiller just said “ass.” #wwdc

10:59:42 Owen Thomas: Woz always looks kinda stunned, though.

11:00:23 Dan Rowinski: Oh, Phil Schiller, you’re my new hero. Finally, an Apple exec that responds directly to criticism that the company faces. “Can’t innovate anymore my ass.”

11:00:32 David Hamilton: Double the performance of the current model. Faster Flash. Thunderbolt 2, 20Gbps throughput.

11:01:11 David Hamilton: Dual workstation GPUs. 2.5x the graphics performance of the previous generation.

11:01:36 David Hamilton: Can hook up to 3 4K displays to the new Mac Pro.

11:02:56 Nick Statt:  Mac Pro comparison.

11:03:08 David Hamilton: It really is a cylinder! And the top is a handle so you can spin it round, baby, right round, baby, right round baby now. Like a record, baby.

11:03:15 David Hamilton: Coming later this year, assembled in the USA.

11:03:35 Fredric Paul: This is gonna cost a lotta designers a lotta scratch. They’re all gonna want ’em.

11:04:05 David Hamilton: No pricing on the Pro. But it’s not going to be cheap.

11:04:28 David Hamilton: Cook: We’ve now passed 300M iCloud accounts. “The fast growing cloud-based service ever.”

11:04:55 Owen Thomas: Interesting: 300 million iCloud accounts versus 575 million iTunes accounts. Think about that delta. #wwdc

11:05:05 Fredric Paul: I didn’t hear a price for the Mac Pro. Did I miss it?

11:05:05 David Hamilton: iTunes in the Cloud is one of the most popular apps. Sounds like an iRadio intro.

11:05:52 David Hamilton: No, Cook is showing integration of iCloud into iWork.

11:06:58 David Hamilton: Apple’s Roger Rosner will talk about Pages, Numbers and Keynote. That’s the word processor, spreadsheet and slide processor. Together, they’re iWork.

11:08:13 Owen Thomas: Where we last heard from Roger Rosner, Apple’s iWork chief: s.scrbliv.me

11:11:43 Owen Thomas: Curious if iWork on the Web will work in browsers other than Safari. (Any bets?) #wwdc

11:12:16 David Hamilton: Summary of Rosner’s demo: You can create documents in iWork and store them in the cloud. And edit them in the browser.

11:12:37 Owen Thomas: And Roger Rosner answers: iWork in the cloud works on Chrome and IE on Windows. “I’m editing a Keynote document on Windows 8.” #wwdc

11:13:10 David Hamilton: Rosner: iWorks for iCloud is supported in Safari, also IE and Chrome. Firefox conspicuously absent.

11:13:20 David Hamilton: Public beta of the cloudified iWorks later this year.

11:13:36 David Hamilton: Cook: We’ve sold > 600M iOS devices.

11:13:51 Fredric Paul: iWorks for iCloud is cool, but Microsoft – and of course Google – already have browser based productivity suites. As do many third parties.

11:15:28 Fredric Paul: Tim Cook talking about how iPhone users do more with their phones than Android users do: readwrite.com

11:16:00 Nick Statt:  Tim Cook throwing data points at Android.

11:16:11 Fredric Paul: Cook says iPhone users SHOP more than Android users do.

11:16:40 Fredric Paul: Cook notes JD Powers says iPhone ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction: 9 times in a row.

11:16:47 David Hamilton: Cook: Everyone loves them some iPhones.

11:17:20 Fredric Paul: Cook: lots more satisfied users, too.

11:17:48 David Hamilton: Cook: 93% of the installed base is on iOS 6, and 6% is iOS 5.

11:18:25 Fredric Paul: Cook: lots of Android users still on older versions – bad for users, bad for developers

11:18:28 David Hamilton: Versus Android: 33% on Jelly Bean, 26% on ICS, and 37% Gingerbread.

11:18:49 David Hamilton: The Apple stream is down here at RW HQ.

11:19:23 David Hamilton: Tons of users may have just crashed the stream as Cook started talking about iOS.

11:20:07 Owen Thomas: Jony Ive is talking very slowly, which means what he’s saying is profound. #wwdc

11:20:14 David Hamilton: And we’re back. Jony Ive is talking about true simplicity in design, in a video.

11:20:32 Fredric Paul: Film of Jony Ive talking about iOS7 and Apple’s simplicity and design goals.

11:20:56 Fredric Paul: It’s… flat!

11:21:08 David Hamilton: The world is flat.

11:21:21 David Hamilton: But it has a whole new palette of colors. And distinct, functional layers.

11:21:27 Fredric Paul: Thomas Friedman must be thrilled.

11:21:28 Owen Thomas: In iOS 7, even the Photos app icon has been simplified—the idea of a flower rather than an actual flower. #wwdc

11:21:31 Dan Rowinski: That is why Jony Ive is a knight. That new iOS design looks pretty slick.

11:21:33 David Hamilton: Plus the use of translucency.

11:21:56 Nick Statt:  The big reveal of iOS 7.

11:23:08 Owen Thomas: Looks like the iPhone Camera app got a little bit of Instagram—square photos. #wwdc

11:23:29 Fredric Paul: “Drives the parallax” ? What does that mean?

11:24:09 Owen Thomas: Someone in the audience shouted “We love you” at Tim Cook. #wwdc

11:24:55 Nick Statt:  Another look at the home screen icons.

11:25:01 Owen Thomas: So all these iOS 7 features didn’t leak? Basically, Apple is more secure than the NSA. #wwdc

11:25:20 David Hamilton: Federighi is back to demo iOS 7.

11:26:03 David Hamilton: Ah, parallax = a view that shifts around as you move your phone.

11:26:28 David Hamilton: Federighi: “You can see behind the icons.”

11:26:38 Owen Thomas: Aaaand two more skeuomorphism digs by Craig Federighi. “We ran out of green felt … and wood.” #wwdc

11:27:25 David Hamilton: There is a lot of subtle dissing of Jobs’ design philosophy going on here, it seems.

11:27:36 Dan Rowinski: Hey, animated background for iOS 7! I wonder where they got that idea.

11:27:48 Owen Thomas: In Big Thunder, it is always thundering. #wwdc

11:28:07 Owen Thomas: David, subtle? I detect no subtlety.

11:28:29 David Hamilton: Every app has been redesigned.

11:29:07 David Hamilton: In calendar, you can swipe between days.

11:29:07 Owen Thomas: Woz looks sleepy. #wwdc

11:29:40 David Hamilton: In weather, you can pinch to get a look at all your cities.

11:29:45 Owen Thomas: iOS Mail looks like … @mailbox. #wwdc

11:30:39 David Hamilton: And a “back” gesture! Swipe from the left hand side, go “back” in an app.

11:31:00 David Hamilton: Federighi: Like getting a brand-new phone, one you already know how to use.

11:31:37 Owen Thomas: iOS Control Center is a pretty obvious copy of an Android feature. Except you swipe up rather than down! #wwdc

11:31:43 David Hamilton: With 10 new features. Starting with Control Center. Swipe up from the bottom of the device, and there are the options you want. Even the lock screen.

11:32:34 David Hamilton: Multitasking comes to all apps, not just the few.

11:32:39 Owen Thomas: Sir Jony is pleased. #wwdc

11:33:06 Nick Statt:  A shot of the new iOS 7 control center for easy access to settings.

11:34:47 David Hamilton: There’s a lot more going on with multitasked apps, including “intelligent scheduling,” “opportunistic updates,” adaptations to network conditions, “coalesced updates,” and “push triggers.”

11:35:29 David Hamilton: Safari: A great new interface for your tabs, a new fullscreen look, and a smart search bar.

11:36:03 David Hamilton: New Safari looks a lot more like an app than a browser.

11:37:00 David Hamilton: Safari grabs links from social-sharing sites to the reading list.

11:37:18 David Hamilton: Tabs: No longer limited to just 8. Swipe in and out.

11:38:32 Dan Rowinski: I can’t help but feel that a lot of iOS 7 is inspired by … what? Android. Multi-tasking, control center, swipe back, the tabs in mobile Safari. Did Apple get a Jelly Bean stuck in its iOS machine?

11:38:42 David Hamilton: Multitasking: Double click on home button, swipe across running apps.

11:39:35 David Hamilton: AirDrop: “Easiest way to share with those around you.” Bring up a “share sheet” and share with friends around you. They accept it, taken right into the app.

11:39:48 David Hamilton: Federighi: “No need to wander around the room, bumping your phone.”

11:41:09 David Hamilton: Camera: Now four cameras in one. Live filters. Square camera for Instagramming.

11:42:03 David Hamilton: Photos automatically organizes photos.

11:42:19 David Hamilton: All handled via geotagging.

11:42:23 Dan Rowinski: The Apple iOS Developer Center website is down for “maintenance” — devimages.apple.com

11:42:45 Fredric Paul: How do Apple’s photo improvements compared to what Google debuted at I/O last month?

11:42:52 David Hamilton: Zoom out to the year level, look at your entire photo collection. Of course, each photo is about one pixel large at that point.

11:43:27 Nick Statt:  Photo organization by as wide a timespan as year-by-year.

11:44:16 Dan Rowinski: OK, so tell me … what exactly is original here in iOS 7? I am not sure I see anything really ground breaking here. But, hey, it sure looks pretty.

11:44:16 David Hamilton: And you can share your iCloud photo stream with others.

11:44:41 David Hamilton: @Dan I’m starting to suspect that’s the point.

11:45:13 David Hamilton: Eddy Cue is here to talk about Siri.

11:45:28 David Hamilton: Who has a new interface.

11:45:45 David Hamilton: Siri has a new voice and a male voice.

11:46:23 David Hamilton: Cue claims that Siri is getting smarter.

11:47:14 David Hamilton: I.e., “Play my last voicemail,” or “increase brightness.”

11:47:34 David Hamilton: New features for iOS 7 in the car.

11:48:11 David Hamilton: It’s a new iOS 7 interface for the car, though it doesn’t seem to be clear how it’s provided, or by whom, or when.

11:48:47 Owen Thomas: Ferrari board member Eddy Cue unveils iOS in the Car! #wwdc

11:49:15 David Hamilton: Maps, music playback, iMessages — all “eyes free,” Cue says.

11:50:43 David Hamilton: Lots of car makers introducing this feature in 2014. Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Chevrolet, Hyundai, etc.

11:50:55 Owen Thomas: Not iRadio: ITunes Radio. #wwdc

11:51:11 David Hamilton: App Store will update your apps automatically.

11:51:34 Fredric Paul: Problem with car integrations is that it takes a long time to build up a significant installed base. People keep cars for a long time.

11:51:42 Owen Thomas: Is Twitter Music powering iTunes Radio? (Maybe people will actually use Twitter Music then.) #wwdc

11:51:49 David Hamilton: Cue unveils iTunes Radio. Right in the Music app.

11:52:06 Fredric Paul: Automatic App Updates! John McCain will be thrilled!

11:52:19 David Hamilton: Featured stations, kind of like Pandora. You can share these with friends. Or create your own.

11:52:57 Owen Thomas: Just sayin’: WWDC soundtracks are way better in the post-Jobs era. #wwdc

11:52:59 David Hamilton: You can buy tracks you like as you hear them on the radio.

11:53:08 Nick Statt:  A look at iTunes Radio.

11:53:10 Dan Rowinski: So much for this being a fairly short keynote. Pushing towards two hours now.

11:54:02 David Hamilton: Cue plays Zeppelin, and then a station built on that song (next up: “Gimme Shelter” by the Stones).

11:54:22 David Hamilton: iTunes Radio is free with ads, and if you have iTunes Match, it’s completely free.

11:54:34 David Hamilton: Starting in the U.S., adding other countries over time.

11:55:23 David Hamilton: Apparently this will be the first streaming service that features Led Zeppelin, should that be important to you.

11:56:10 Owen Thomas: Big China push for Apple—Tencent Weibo integration and a bilingual dictionary. #wwdc

11:56:21 David Hamilton: Federighi: “Activation Lock”

11:57:03 Dan Rowinski: Activation Lock: Apple going to address the iPhone stealing epidemic. Authentication through iCloud.

11:57:06 David Hamilton: If a thief tries to deactivate Find My iPhone or wipe the device, he won’t be able to reactivate it.

11:57:23 Nick Statt:  iOS 7 recap feature cloud.

11:57:31 David Hamilton: iOS 7 available to developers in beta on the iPhone today.

11:57:41 Dan Rowinski: Oh dear, 1,500 new SDKs in iOS 7. I’m sorry, my dev friends, that is a lot to deal with. I will comb through those eventually to see what is useful to you.

11:57:43 Fredric Paul: Brian Hall should like the new activation lock: readwrite.com

11:58:03 David Hamilton: Betas for iPad in coming weeks. Generally available for everyone else in the fall.

11:58:11 Didier: Did he just say Siri will be using Bing for search…interesting

11:58:35 David Hamilton: Cook is now wrapping up, sounds like.

11:59:15 Fredric Paul: One more thing?

11:59:30 Nick Statt: One more thing…maybe?

11:59:48 David Hamilton: Cook: “We are incredibly proud of all of these products. I’d like to thank everyone at Apple who worked so hard to create them.”

12:02:30 Fredric Paul: Well, lotsa good stuff, but no big surprises.

12:02:37 Dan Rowinski: And it is over. Not bad. Straight two hours.

12:02:40 David Hamilton: And that’s a wrap.

12:02:48 David Hamilton: So, everyone — what did you think?

12:04:34 Dan Rowinski: Also to note — No Apple TV mention at all during the keynote.

12:04:35 Fredric Paul: What, no rambling hour-long Q&A from the founder? Oh, right, that was Google I/O.

12:04:58 Fredric Paul: No iWatch either.

12:05:17 Brittany Deacon: any word about a new iphone?

12:05:57 David Hamilton: @Brittany Nope, nary a hint of the next iPhone so far.

12:06:04 Fredric Paul: That fitbit flex is starting to look mighty sweet… readwrite.com

12:07:21 Brittany Deacon: it makes me wonder if they’re skipping the touted “s” half step and going straight to the 6…or who knows, maybe the names of chinese cities 🙂

12:07:23 Inge Larsson: Nothing about a new MacBook Pro?

12:08:31 David Hamilton: @Inge Nope. We got new MacBook Airs and the preview of the Mac Pro, but nothing more.

12:15:27 David Hamilton: Folks, we’re going to close up shop here. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to look out for future ReadWrite live coverage of big events.

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