To Mac desktop fans anticipating the launch of the latest version of OS X, Yosemite: It looks like the new software is approaching the tarmac.

Apple has now released its first candidate for the Golden Master build to developers. Golden Master versions precede the public launch of new Apple software, so with Candidate 1.0 on the books, Yosemite takes one more step toward its grand debut. 

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This major version of the desktop and laptop software was designed to bridge the gap between its iOS iPhone software and its Mac machines. It incorporates iOS’ flatter look, as well as several changes intended to make switching between smartphone and computer more seamless. Candidate 1.0’s arrival comes on the heels of Apple releasing the iOS 8.1 beta version to mobile app developers Monday. 

The new Mac software is expected to launch for the public next month, but developers can work with the latest by downloading the 857MB “build 14A361c” file from the Mac App store today.