Thursday evening Apple released iOS 8.0.2, the follow-up to the iPhone software update that hobbled cellular connectivity and Touch ID fingerprint recognition for numerous iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users. 

The company moved swiftly to apologize for the kerfuffle on Wednesday, after various reports flooded the Web about iOS 8.0.1 killing those core phone features. Apple promised to provide a revised update “in a few days,” but apparently sped things through to deliver a fix quickly.

According to Apple’s release notes (below), the new version should also take care of issues the previous update was supposed to address, including HealthKit bugs, keyboard glitches and other problems.

If the iOS 8.0.2 doesn’t appear yet over-the-air on your iPhone, try updating through your desktop iTunes application. Alternatively, you could also download them at will here (iPhone 6) and here (iPhone 6 Plus)

Photo and screenshot by Adriana Lee for ReadWrite