, the service for building and using social applications? I’ve been waiting for a really interesting app to come out of that – and this may be it. Anytown Marketplace is the creation of the exceedingly clever Jonathan Aquino. Jon described it as “a Craigslist-like app that you can clone and customize for your city if it doesn’t yet have Craigslist.” The Ning blog wrote:

“You can now set up your own Craigslist-style marketplace for free and without any coding (as the app owner, just drag-and-drop categories where you want them, then add, edit, or delete right there on the app).

When you clone it, it retains the categories youĂ­ll find on Craigslist, but you can also add, edit, or delete categories so your new marketplace app is relevant to your area.”

I need to look into it more closely, but the concept sounds great. I only hope it can be exported to craigslist-less New Zealand! 🙂 Update: I’ll be darned, there is a craigslist here.