Question and answer services are the new hotness. Facebook recently rolled out the option, and ex-Facebookers founded the popular new service Quora that is dedicated to them. But one of the more fun implementations of this dynamic is, which lets individuals answer questions directed at them.

Many notable techies are on the service, making it a great place to get have a quick Q&A with important and informed luminaries. For the last few days, a batch of angel investors has been answering questions on the service, and today is the last chance for curious entrepreneurs to get in on the action.

Travis Kalanick, Josh Felser of Freestyle Capital and David Lee of SV Angel have already held their official Formspring office hours over the last two days. Today, at noon PST, Mike Maples of Floodgate will answer your questions, followed by Steve Anderson of Baseline at 3pm PST. This is a great opportunity to get some candid responses from some high-profile angel investors, so don’t miss this chance to ask some pointed questions.

Kalanick answered just under 40 questions yesterday, including general questions like how startups can gain traction to more specific ones, like why angels are seemingly scared of the K12 education industry. His frank response to the latter was simply, “because unions and politics suck.”

Felser and Lee have similarly answered several dozen questions during their official appointed times, but have also continued answering more since then. If you’re an entrepreneur in need of some fast and quick advice, consider sending Maples and Anderson your questions today on Formspring.