Apple’s iOS 7 has been available to the public for exactly one month. In that time, about 73% of all iOS users have updated their iPhones, iPads and iPods to Apple’s new operating system, amounting to a little more than 250 million devices. 

Mobile analytics company Mixpanel has been tracking iOS 7 adoption with a graph widget since it launched on September 18. It took iOS 7 three days to pass iOS 6 as the most used version of the operating system and adoption has been steadily tracking up since then. As of Friday, October 18, iOS 6 is on less than a quarter of iOS devices (about 23%) while 3.65% are using iOS version older than iOS 6. 

Note: Mixpanel’s widget updates in near real time so precise figures are difficult to nail down. 

Source: Mixpanel

The iOS 7 rollout hasn’t been all roses for users. Consumers with older iPhones and iPads have reported that iOS 7 has caused excessive battery drain, slow apps that are crash prone and and iMessage bug that causes messages to not send or arrive late.