Asterisk: “…the one thing every Web professional needs, regardless of their main job function, be that IA, Design, Development, what-have-you is adaptability. You know, the ability to wing it.”

In New Zealand we have a similar concept called No. 8 Wire mentality, or “kiwi ingenuity” – based on the architypal New Zealand farmer who can invent or fix anything with a trusty piece of no. 8 gauge fencing wire!

It also reminds me of the Web’s “View Source” principle. To see how a webpage was created, wanna-be developers can click on “View Source” in their web browser, copy and paste the code into their own editing environment, and modify it to create something new. In other words, adapt an existing thing to your own unique requirements.

Hmmm, back to the kiwi connection. Recently New Zealand celebrated the 50th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary’s ascent of Mt Everest. In a tv interview this year, Hillary spoke about some characteristics that he identifies with as a person and as a New Zealander: determination, innovation, competitiveness, and being “not smooth” (in terms of suaveness). Sir Edmund’s advice to young people today: learn from older people, look at what they achieved, build on that, and “do your own thing”. Adapt and create.