First I noticed Paolo’s post on 4 years blogging (via Dave), then Phil’s post. The bizarre part is I started blogging on the exact same day, 21 March 2002, as my fellow kiwi Phil Pearson – we even blogged about the same topic, RCS (Radio Community Server). I didn’t get to know Phil until a couple of years after that, so it was total coincidence we started blogging on the same day. It’s no coincidence though that Phil, Paolo and I were all inspired to start blogging 4 years ago by Dave Winer – who’s just coming up to 9 years blogging! Yikes, we’re all pups compared to that.

My first Radio Userland blog was called ‘Modern Web’ and was short-lived (more info here). But about about a year later Read/WriteWeb was born. Here’s a screenshot of the first blog.

Larger screenshot