This is a Show Me of new technologies. Rolf Herken talking, founder of mental images. 3D visualization component software. mental ray photorealism – worked on The Matrix, Alexander, 2046. “Rendering the imagination visible”.

Thinks there’s need for 3D on the Web. e.g. 3D online entertainment, e-commerce, product stuff, mobile.

Very heavy data – gigabytes. Current approach to 3D client-based, requires plug-ins, lossy, etc.

Server-based 3D –> RealityServer is their product. Let all computation happen on the server –> broadband will allow this in HD (high def). Mobile devices big driver.

Only need html browser on client side, because everything happens on the server. Need a lot of bandwidth to send commands down to the browser. very light clients possible, multiple users can collaborate, open and scalable, secure, standards compatible. Data complexity is terabytes.

e.g. satellite images – working with data set; architectural simulations; consumer designing car.

This is all browser-based, only constraint is bandwidth.