The introduction of the revamped and grown-up Pebble Steel marks a new era of runway-ready smart wearables. From Google Glass to smart watches, mobile technology is aiming to integrate with accessories people might actually want to wear.

Jewelry may just be the forefront to the next wave of wearable tech, so here are five smart jewelry pieces that meld the best of design and functionality.

Netatmo June

The Netatmo’s June bracelet pairs up with your smartphone to protect you from harmful sun exposure. The device’s gem reads the exposure of UV rays throughout the day and, in conjunction with its app, informs you of these readings via the Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.

Based on skin type, schedule and habit, the June will give advice on how to best protect yourself from an overexposure to UV rays. The sensor can be removed to be worn as a brooch, and is available in platinum, gold, and gunmetal colors.

CSR Bluetooth Smart Jewelry

This pendant necklace, created by software developer CSR with the help of boutique designer Cellini, is all about delivering your notifications in twinkly, multi-colored lights.

The pendant’s Bluetooth Smart-connected LED light can change color depending on which kind of notification you have received; for example, the pendant’s LED will glow pink when you receive a text. While this piece of smart jewelry might have a slightly difficult usability factor, this concept would be great in a handy little ring. Speaking of rings…

Smarty Ring

In an effort to cut down on daily smartphone-checkage, the Smarty Ring is equipped with all of the notification features you need to keep yourself up to date.

With Bluetooth 4.0 and either blue or green LED screens, this tiny, stainless steel gadget grants the option for telling time, controlling music, snapping photos, and chat, email, phone call, and social media notifications. But this all-in-one package is still just a concept as part of an Indiegogo campaign, and it’s not slated to begin delivery until April.

O.R.B. Bluetooth Headset

This piece of tech jewelry works double duty as both a Bluetooth headset and a smart ring. As a ring, the O.R.B. incorporates an e-ink display that notifies the wearer of texts, caller ID, and calendar reminders. Just twist the gadget at its hinge and the ring transforms into a Bluetooth headset. With its minimal, S-shaped design, this smart ring-turned-headset takes on even one more role by disguising itself as a sleek ear cuff.

MEMI Bracelet

The MEMI smart bracelet joins its peers in the trend of on-hand notifications without the need to shell out your mobile device. 

Compared to the larger, arguably more masculine smartwatches, this iPhone-compatible piece is being marketed towards those “true fashionistas” who opt for delicate adornments that can complement endless outfit arrangements. The Kickstarter-funded MEMI can deliver all text, phone, and calendar notifications through the bracelet, which will begin delivery in August.

Images courtesy of Netatmo, CSR, Smarty Ring, Hybra Tech, MEMI