Sci-fi epic Homeworld 3 has been in the making for almost two decades, but it has finally got a release date of March 8th, 2024, with fans able to play a few days earlier than that, should they plump for one of the pre-order offerings.

A panel of 70 members of the global gaming industry recently ranked Gearbox Publishing’s Homeworld 3 as the 8th most anticipated game of 2024, and with good reason, as earlier games in the series are considered classics. Homeworld 3 will continue the tale generations after the events of Homeworld 2 but is a standalone story, and you will not need to be familiar with earlier games in the series to pick up and play the latest installment.

Rob Cunningham, CEO of devs Blackbird Interactive, commented, “Homeworld 3 is a game 20+ years in the making. The team has gone all out to develop the ultimate cinematic sci-fi strategy game our very patient fans deserve. Blackbird Interactive was born to create this game, and we can’t wait to get it in the hands of sci-fi lovers and a whole new generation of PC gamers in March of 2024.”

“The Homeworld community has waited actual decades for this launch. We’re thrilled that their wait will finally be rewarded this March as players will be able to command the Mothership and continue their adventures,” said Steve Gibson, President of Gearbox Publishing. “We’re grateful to BBI for their incredible work and to the players for communicating with us and ultimately trusting us with Homeworld’s legacy. Hopefully, they feel that we’ve done it proper justice.”

Which version of Homeworld 3 should you buy?

Depending on what you actually want — and, more importantly — what you are prepared to spend, Homeworld 3 has several tiers to hook you into.

  • Homeworld 3Standard Edition | $59.99
    • Base Game
    • Pre-order bonus – Kushan Carrier War Games Skin
  • Homeworld 3Deluxe Edition | $79.99
    • All contents of the Homeworld 3 Standard Edition
    • Year One Pass
  • Homeworld 3Fleet Command Edition | $89.99
    • Play the game 72 hours early on March 5, 2024
    • All contents of the Homeworld 3 Deluxe Edition
    • Homeworld 3 Soundtrack (Digital)
    • Multiplayer Name Color (Digital)
    • Ship Decals (Digital)
    • Engine Trail Color (Digital)
    • Banners (Digital)
  • Homeworld 3Collector’s Edition | $174.99
    • Play the game 72 hours early on March 5, 2024
    • All contents of the Homeworld 3 Fleet Command Edition
    • WW2-Inspired Spotter Deck
    • Homeworld 3 Logo Keychain
    • Lithograph
    • True-to-Scale Homeworld 3 Ship Figures including:
      • Mothership Khar-Kushan
      • Hiigaran Torpedo Frigate
      • Hiigaran Destroyer
      • Hiigaran Recon in Delta Formation

With news breaking the same day of GTA VI’s first trailer, it has definitely been a good day for fans of games that have been in the pipeline for years.

Featured Image: Blackbird Interactive

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