Apple may want to be keep a close eye on the sales of T-Mobile’s G1 device. The G1 will be the first mobile phone to hit the market running Google’s Android mobile OS. This may also be the mobile phone that puts a serious dent in Apple’s iPhone sales. The G1 won’t officially be available until October 22. Apparently no one wants to experience the same shortage and chaos as those who anxiously waited to get their hands on the iPhone 3G. Reports are in that up to 1.5 million G1 devices have been pre-sold and you can bet that more will be coming in.

1.5 Million Pre-Sold

The G1 is set to take the world by storm at the end of this month. It may also take Apple’s iPhone down a notch or two. Early adopters and those left out of the loop with the release of the iPhone 3G are making their way to the G1. Just days after going on pre-sale the G1 sold out fast, which sent T-Mobile scrambling to place more orders. T-Mobile tripled their original number of orders to HTC for G1 devices. Since then, all of those orders have been pre-sold. The amount of units pre-sold is reported to be around 1.5 million! That figure doesn’t even include the number of pre-sale orders placed in T-mobile retail stores. It is being reported that about 1 million units have been pre-ordered from T-Mobile retail stores.

Is the G1 Set to Overthrow the iPhone?

At the moment, we don’t think so. However, we’re excited about all that Android will offer on the G1. T-Mobile is off to a great start with the number of G1 units pre-sold. Anticipation for both the device and the Android OS is higher than initial reactions led us to believe. It will be up to the performance of Google’s Android mobile OS from this point forward to determine whether it’s a worthy competitor to the iPhone. Be sure to cast your prediction on Google’s Android versus Apple’s iPhone and check out our top 10 picks of Android apps that we can’t wait to use.